Wednesday, December 28, 2011

2011 is almost over

. . . and it did not turn out like I planned. Meaning, this blog.

What does? :)

I really wanted to do more with this blog, but life events got in the way.  I don't see any of that changing for a while.  I changed jobs and just don't have the time to dedicate to the blog like I want. And I started going to to church regularly.


Although, I have done a little more with my card making.  Having had two, albeit small (very), booths locally to try to sell some cards.  I sold a few. You know, 4 or 5.

Between the both of them.


Then getting ready for "Make Gift Tags and Cookie Swap" at church where we (myself and 2 other friends) made some sample tags and then whomever showed up got to try to make them.  Oh my! What fun!  We plan on doing it again but with a Valentine Day theme. Looking forward to that!!  Anyway, that took a few weeks to get ready for that.  A few weeks?? Yes. Remember my schedule change. . . . I have no free time now.

So, I am still here. Working, playing, enjoying life. 2011 was good to me. Looking forward to 2012. :)