Tuesday, January 17, 2012

Rough Drafts

A small feat, no doubt. But still got something accomplished tonight. Rough drafts! The first card I make is usually what I call the rough draft, 'cause I am bound to make changes. Alot of changes. 

2 rough drafts for 2 Valentines Day cards.
1 rough draft for a wedding card.
1 rough draft for a 60th birthday card.

I was a busy bee tonight, lol.  Not really happy with the papers for the birthday one, so there might be more changes on that one. We shall see!  Now time for some shut eye!

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Friday, January 13, 2012

I'm Lovin' It - Explosion Box

Explosion Box!!

I love my Explosion Box!  I found the instructions HERE at Glitter Adventure. That is a tea bag fold on top of the box. I learned about them HERE at Circle of Crafters

This Explosion Box is pictures of my daughter up to age 13. It's about time to make another one, as she turns 18 this summer! Oh, where did time go.....*sigh*

It's like a little scrapbook!

This was made with Bazzill cardstock, various stickers, vellum with sayings/quotes on it, and patterned paper. I bought all of this at the local scrapbook store, which has since closed (insert sad face), back in 2005. 

The pictures I used in the box are blurry because I do not, will not scrap an original picture. And this was before I had a digital camera, so all of these pictures were scans of the original ones.  

I made 2 more around this time also. My sister has one, it has her two boys in it, made with blues and greens. I also made my mom one. It is packed away with her stuff that I just can't go thru yet. Someday I will. 

I really love these little mini scrapbooks. I can't wait to make the next one! 

I am linking up to Tidymom's I'm Lovin' It Friday. 

I'm Lovin' It at TidyMom

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Saturday, January 7, 2012


What a great way to start 2012 right?

I made this back in May of 2011. I wanted to use the Cupcake Builder Punch in this layout. But could not get a color combo to "work". You know how some colors look great together but when you start putting your card (or scrapbook layout) together, It.Just.Does.Not.Work.

I tried everything. I was getting frustrated. Nothing was working. After almost 2 weeks, I was ready to pack it all up.

Then as I walked into Sunday School Class and there it was. The color combo that saved this card! Yellow. Black. White.  YAY!! My aunt had saved the day, haha.  She had on a dress with these colors. I confess, I couldn't wait to get home to try these colors.

So here it is, The Card That Almost Wasn't. . . . .

I used the Itty Bitty Background stamp set to make the background, under the ribbon. And used tissue paper dabbed on the black ink pad for the smaller background, under the cupcake. All edges are inked.

I got my inspiration from this card Stampin Pretty. I love her cards! Mary Fish is so talented!!

Stampin UP! Supplies
Ink - Craft Basic Black 
Stamps - Itty Bitty Backgrounds
Punch - Cupcake 
Craft Store Supplies
cardstock - black, white, yellow
Ribbon - white, black