Monday, July 28, 2014

Real Quick Masculine Card

Whipped this up real quick for a friend. 

And I mean reeeeal quick *snap* LOL

You can tell can't you?

The birthday sentiment is crooked. *sigh*

I still like it though. 

Black, gray and white

And a hint of color by using a little green.

Clean and simple. 

Just the way I like 'em.

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Ink - Basic Black, Smokey Slate, Old Olive
Cardstock - Basic Black
Punch - square
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Cardstock - white

Thursday, July 24, 2014

Blogmopolitan Quiz

I don't normally do these questionnaire thingys, but this one caught my eye. I found it over at Lori's Blog and she says it originated from Two Thirds Hazel, who is having a linky party with it. 

I said I would blog more about non-crafty stuff so here we go...

I should have put that one of my Favorite Things 
to be Called would be TammaLee. 
My mom would call me TammaLee. I miss hearing her voice. :(

Head over to Two Thirds Hazel and link up your Blogmopolitan Quiz! 

Wednesday, July 23, 2014

My First Challenge

.....that I initiated! Yep, My First Vinyl project has blossomed into 
My First Challenge. 

How you ask? 

Well, Over on Instagram I had posted about decorating my Silhouette Cameo with vinyl. My friend Tammy Malone, from over at Not Just Paper and Glue, commented on my post and mentioned that there was a cutting file for the control panel in the Silhouette Store. I knew about it, and also had the free one that came with the free downloads when I bought my Cameo. I have just vinyled (is that a word?) my Cameo and couldn't decide what paper to use for the control panel. And she hadn't done hers either. So I said "you do yours and I'll do mine". 

So, there you have first challenge.... 

Control Panel Challenge

Pretty up your Cameo people!!

It's easy to get started! Just find the cutting file (#42907) in the Silhouette Store, or use the free download. The difference is that #42907, from Samantha Walker, 
is scalloped around the edges. The free one is not. 


Find the little notch in the plastic cover and take it off. Insert your paper or whatever material you used, and replace cover. There are notches on the the top and bottom of plastic cover.


So easy! No welding, no ungrouping, nothing. Just choose the file, put paper on the mat, load mat, CUT! 

Viola!! A prettied up Control Panel! 

Hope to see you and your control panels over on Instagram!

SU designer paper Sunny Garden

Thursday, July 17, 2014

My First Vinyl


I did it!

I attempted vinyl!!!

Woohoo!! So proud of myself for finally taking the plunge! LOL

The cactus, roadrunner and the sun are all found in the Silhouette Store. 
I found the font online. 
I also found a little dust cloud in the Silhouette Store to go 
behind the roadrunner but I do not have the color needed for it. 
So that will come later. 

Also later, I am planning on layering the words 
to make them stand out more.

For now, I just want to look at it and say to myself "I did it!".

I freely admit, this is not the best vinyl transfer job. 
But as I found out last night, as with anything of course, 
this is going to take some practice. And patience.



I have no patience. I just want projects to hurry up and be done! LOL
I know you are with me on this, right? Hurry up already! :-)

*   *   *   *   *

I live in Southeast Missouri so you may be wondering why I chose to use a desert theme. I had thought about decorating my Cameo with swirls, or an owl on a branch, or something but I just didn't know what.

Nothing jumped out at me. Until I saw the Road Runner. 

*now I need Wile E. Coyote, huh?*

I used to live in Tucson. And I would love to go back there. 

To visit.

To live.

Doesn't matter. Just take me there!


*see? no patience*