Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hope you weren't expecting much!

A little about me - TammyLee

1. 40 years old. I love it! Some people say "oh no, I quit at 39" or whatever. Not me!! I said "Bring It On".

2. I am married to a wonderful guy, Frank.

3. I have a beautiful daughter, Jennifer, from my first marriage.

4. I have a 15 yo stepson, Kyle.

5. I have a heavy foot. Cruise?? Whats that?? :~)

6. I live on 5 acres.

7. I am a city girl.

8. I work full time outside the home.

9. My new show that I have to watch is Deadliest Catch.

10. I love sweet tea, M & M's and steak.

11. I hate liver, coconut and onions.

12. I have an unhealthy fear of snakes.

13. I dont like to use punctuation.

14. I love Dr. Pepper and pizza.

15. I hate wind and ice.

16. I am at odds with my sister.

17. I hate that my mom is so sick.

18. I miss my stepdad.

19. I want to make a quilt.

20. I want a CRICUT!

21. I want to loose about 10 lbs.

22. I am shy.

23. I am not a girly girl. Face masks? Eye cream? Manicures? Not me.

24. I love my Levi's.

25. I love rollercoasters.

26. I like listening to thunder.

27. I love snow.

28. I have a new old house.

29. I think I have Carpal Tunnel crap.

30. I have lived in Arizona.

31. I dont like to go to the dentist. So I dont.

32. I dont like going to garage/yard sales. Or having them.

33. I hate to do laundry.

34. I dont like to cook.

35. I cant think of anything else.

Good night.

Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Plastic Bag Holder

I found a cute way to recycle plastic bags, and it holds them too.  Hang it on a wall.  Put the bags in the top and pull out the bottom.

I have also seen some people that make "yarn" out of the bags.  They are making things like purses and belts.  Plastic "yarn" is hard to work with, it tears sooooo easy.  You really have to pay attention when you are pulling the plasitc thru the holes.  Not sure about using it like real yarn for a purse or belt, haven't done those.

Here are a couple of pics.

I did this project last year.  I am thinking of making something else with plastic bags.  I saved alot, and I do mean alot, of bags.