Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy, cold and cards

Turned off rainy and cold. YUCK!!

We had a taste of Spring last week.  Didn't last long. :-(  Please Spring come back to us!!!!

My friend, Tanya, came over today.  She wanted my help, and use my stuff, to make some bookmarks for her co-workers.  I didnt get a picture cause she didnt finish them.  She has a friend that can do Caligraphy, and she is wanting her to put their initial on it.

And I made cards for our stamp club card swap.  Stampin Up paper, ink and chalks (used with blender pen), and Stickles on the flower.  I ♥ Stickles.

After Tanya left, I made a card for my cousins birthday and a baby shower card (which I am not happy with so we won't talk about that one).  Well, I made it for the wrong cousin.  *crap* Oh well, the correct cousin will receive a belated birthday card cause I am done for the day.  (sorry Aslinn)

I have a job interview next Monday at a company that is literally a mile down the road. Well, you have turn a couple of times, but still A MILE.  That would be soooo cool to work that close to home!

Till next time....... :~)

Saturday, March 6, 2010

Blog much?

Umm, no I don't. LOL

I haven't blogged cause I have nothing to blog about.  Well, I did have surgery.  It was my gallbladder causing me troubles.  So, now it's gone.

Here are a couple of cards I have done for various family birthdays.

Stamps and ink are Stampin Up, paper is whatever or Bazzill cardstock.

We are starting to build our shop.  Thought I would get to landscape the front this Spring but it might have to be another year.  Got to get this shop built, so hubby has somewhere to work on our vehicles at.  I should really say, Kyle's vehicles.  That boy and his trading cars.  Drives me crazy.  

Anyway, that's an update from me.  If you can call it an update. HA!