Wednesday, June 10, 2009

Hope you weren't expecting much!

A little about me - TammyLee

1. 40 years old. I love it! Some people say "oh no, I quit at 39" or whatever. Not me!! I said "Bring It On".

2. I am married to a wonderful guy, Frank.

3. I have a beautiful daughter, Jennifer, from my first marriage.

4. I have a 15 yo stepson, Kyle.

5. I have a heavy foot. Cruise?? Whats that?? :~)

6. I live on 5 acres.

7. I am a city girl.

8. I work full time outside the home.

9. My new show that I have to watch is Deadliest Catch.

10. I love sweet tea, M & M's and steak.

11. I hate liver, coconut and onions.

12. I have an unhealthy fear of snakes.

13. I dont like to use punctuation.

14. I love Dr. Pepper and pizza.

15. I hate wind and ice.

16. I am at odds with my sister.

17. I hate that my mom is so sick.

18. I miss my stepdad.

19. I want to make a quilt.

20. I want a CRICUT!

21. I want to loose about 10 lbs.

22. I am shy.

23. I am not a girly girl. Face masks? Eye cream? Manicures? Not me.

24. I love my Levi's.

25. I love rollercoasters.

26. I like listening to thunder.

27. I love snow.

28. I have a new old house.

29. I think I have Carpal Tunnel crap.

30. I have lived in Arizona.

31. I dont like to go to the dentist. So I dont.

32. I dont like going to garage/yard sales. Or having them.

33. I hate to do laundry.

34. I dont like to cook.

35. I cant think of anything else.

Good night.