Sunday, March 27, 2016

A little about my journey into stampin'

About 10 years ago, I started a scrapbook of my wedding. 

I had every intention of continuing to make scrapbooks. I had my daughter and now a stepson that I wanted to make books about. And we had a dog now. And the kids were active in school. So I would have lots to scrap! 

Life was happening, and things were going well. 
Then they weren't.

Life in general.

So the scrappin' got put on hold. I never finished any of the books, except our wedding.

Then I made a new friend. And she introduced me to Stampin UP.

I joined her group. Made new friends.
We were going strong for a few years. Everything was great!
Then it wasn't.

Life in general.

So our little group fell apart. We were all so sad. And lonely. 
I had a few get togethers at my house so we could get our stamping fix.

Last year (2015) I could feel the "need" to become a Demo. I made the decision late in the year to start in January.

So here I am. 
SU Demo.
And loving it.