Sunday, March 14, 2010

Rainy, cold and cards

Turned off rainy and cold. YUCK!!

We had a taste of Spring last week.  Didn't last long. :-(  Please Spring come back to us!!!!

My friend, Tanya, came over today.  She wanted my help, and use my stuff, to make some bookmarks for her co-workers.  I didnt get a picture cause she didnt finish them.  She has a friend that can do Caligraphy, and she is wanting her to put their initial on it.

And I made cards for our stamp club card swap.  Stampin Up paper, ink and chalks (used with blender pen), and Stickles on the flower.  I ♥ Stickles.

After Tanya left, I made a card for my cousins birthday and a baby shower card (which I am not happy with so we won't talk about that one).  Well, I made it for the wrong cousin.  *crap* Oh well, the correct cousin will receive a belated birthday card cause I am done for the day.  (sorry Aslinn)

I have a job interview next Monday at a company that is literally a mile down the road. Well, you have turn a couple of times, but still A MILE.  That would be soooo cool to work that close to home!

Till next time....... :~)