Friday, June 10, 2011

I'm Lovin It - Ceramic Tiles

I experimented a little further with this crazy idea my aunt had.  I learned from the World Wide Web that I should spray some Clear Lacquer over the tiles when I am finished making them pretty.  

Trust me, you should too.  

Sometimes my ink would smudge.  Sometimes not.  I think it had to do with using the embossing powders. Or not using them.  I can't afford to keep buying embossing powder if I am going to make alot of these (which I fully intend on doing).  

Warning: that stuff stinks!!

So here are the finished magnets, ready to be mailed to my friend for her birthday.   (yes, I know the picture quality is bad, I am still searching for my camera)

I am linking this up to Tidymom and her I'm Lovin' It Friday post.

Tidy Mom