Monday, July 16, 2012

Jenga anyone?

(No, I have not been playing Jenga since my last post in umm, February. LOL)  

Keychains made from Jenga game pieces. Cool, huh?

Although, I am pretty sure you have seen them on Pinterest, or while surfing the web.  

I used various Stampin UP! papers and Mod Podge. The little hook thingys I found at Lowe's. 

   I used my Big Shot to cut out the butterflies and hearts. 

I brushed Mod Podge Matte on the block and on the back my paper piece. I laid the paper on the block and smoothed out the bubbles, wrinkles and the edges. I did this for 3 sides so that I could lay the block down to dry and not have to lay it on a wet side. I laid it down to dry on the dry side, the un-papered side. 
?? make sense ??

I let those dry for about 20 minutes then I applied another coat of MP Matte.  Let dry.  And do another coat.  So 3 coats of MP Matte.  Then I repeated that process with the MP Hard Coat. 

Then I used the same process on the un-papered side. 

* * * * *
I am not a patient person, lol.  This Mod Podge is trying my patience! haha I don't like waiting!  And you have to wait for it to dry.  If you don't, then it make your project too wet, and you get bubbles and wrinkles.  

* * * * *
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