Friday, April 18, 2014

TGIF for Friday April 18


~Today I Feel=hopeful. 

~Good I Did This Week=picked up a nail from parking lot, twice! LOL

~Improvements I Would Like To Make=self esteem. 

~Five Gratitude's=new friends, craft time, mornings, payday, chatting w/my family.

That was my status update on FB this a.m.

And also a picture of my baby girl as a baby. 

She be rockin' those blue jeans.

* * * * *

How cool is that?? 
I inserted that picture here, on my blog, from my phone.

But I'm not blogging on my phone.

There is an album here that has pics that are on my phone.
(sync is a good thing!!)

I did not know you could do that!! 

This will make blogging sooooo much easier that's for sure!

And if it's easy, that means I will do more of it.

Which is what I promised last week. :)

* * * * *