Friday, April 11, 2014

Yes. Still here.

I know, I know, I don't come around much. 
I am one of those people who have a blog but ignore it. 
I admit it.

I get busy doing other things, like watching TV. That is a bad habit I need to break. 
We don't even have cable anymore, and I still can't tear myself out of that recliner. 
Shame on me!!
Shame on Netflix! Yeah, that's it!! Netflix is to blame. 

LOL just kidding

It's me. All me

And Sheldon. 

Thursday night is where it's at people!! 

TBBT, can't live without it.

Just can't.

* * * * *

I do get crafty still. Sometimes. I am really going to try harder. 
Hey, if The Hubby can build a portable golf course surely I can make a few cards. Right?

So, here it goes...

Going to try and do more crafty stuff. 
And blog more. 
But not just about crafts. 
But not sure abput what cause I really don't have an exciting life. 

Case in point:

The kids are out of the house. 
So no pics or funny stories about them. 
Just drama it seems like from My Girl. 
Just keeping it real folks.

I go to church on most Sunday mornings. 
Well, I go to class, don't stay for church. 
I take my sister. 
And that's a good thing.
(admit it, you heard that in Martha Stewart's voice)

I work Mon-Fri. 
My job is in agriculture. 
So if the farmers are busy, I am too. 
That's when I add Saturdays to my work week.

* I go to church on Wednesday nights. 
Mr. D and I are the teachers for First and Second Grade. 
Our program, Discovery Club, is for Pre-K - 6 grade. 
And then there is a youth program. 
Good times people. Good times. 

* Besides our M-F jobs, The Hubby and I own business together.
He built a portable golf course.
Yes, portable. Yes, 9 holes of mini golf that's portable. 
Meaning put it together, take it apart, shove it stack it in the trailer.
*Rinse. Repeat.*
We are taking it to area festivals. 
We are going to work ourselves to death going to have fun!!

* * * * * 

See? Not much to this life of mine. Work, church, golf.

Kind of not exciting.

But it's mine.